Fees, policies and Parent Handbook

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The following fees apply to register an enrolment for each student.  

Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Enrolment registration fee            $150.00

Place offer acceptance fee            $250.00

Fees in advance*                           $1,000.00 
Applies to entry into Mount Ƶ in Prep onward, or for entry into kinder for children not registered for school. Payable with the place offer acceptance fee, it is credited against the first fee statement at the time of commencement.
*This fee is not payable for concurrently enrolled Lower or Upper Kinder children who have paid the Prep place holding deposit.

Prep Fees in Advance**                 $2,000.00 per child / $1500.00 per child for twins
Payable with place offer acceptance fee for children entering in Lower or Upper Kinder wishing to register for kinder and school ; it is credited against the fee statement during the course of Prep. 
**This fee is non-refundable if a child is withdrawn from the Ƶ once a place for Lower Kinder has been accepted.

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